Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing ASP.NET vNext (hanselman.com/blog/)

There’s some really cool stuff going on on the ASP.NET and Web Tools team. We’ve been pushing stuff at Microsoft for a few years now and our craziness is spreading to the .NET core team and beyond. Today we’re announcing a preview (read: alpha) of the next generation of .NET on the Server. You may have heard about some of these announcements at Build:

  • .NET Native - compile .NET ahead-of-time. Everything gets faster.
  • .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") - All new C# and VB compilers, new language features, compiler-as-a-service and it’s Open Source.
  • Nextgen JIT - All new optimized JITter for the latest processors
ASP.NET vNext will take things to the next level. Today, you run ASP.NET using the same CLR that desktop apps use. We’re adding a cloud-optimized (my cloud, your cloud, their cloud - server stuff) version optimized for server scenarios like low-memory and high-throughput. Read more...

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