Thursday, March 20, 2014

Green threads are just threads (

Be as the reed, not the oak tree. Green threads are just threads.

    … that which is hard and stiff
    is the follower of death
    that which is soft and yielding
    is the follower of life …

    – the Tao Te Ching, chapter 76

As we know, threads are a bad idea, (for most purposes). Threads make local reasoning difficult, and local reasoning is perhaps the most important thing in software development. With the word “threads”, I am referring to shared-state multithreading, despite the fact that there are languages, like Erlang and Haskell which refer to concurrent processes – those which do not implicitly share state, and require explicit coordination – as “threads”. My experience is mainly (although not exclusively) with Python but the ideas presented here should generalize to most languages which have global shared mutable state by default, which is to say, quite a lot of them: C (including Original Recipe, Sharp, Extra Crispy, Objective, and Plus Plus), JavaScript, Java, Scheme, Ruby, and PHP, just to name a few. With the phrase “local reasoning”, I’m referring to the ability to understand the behavior (and thereby, the correctness) of a routine by examining the routine itself rather than examining the entire system. Read more

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