Friday, February 21, 2014

Things That Make Google F1 and the FoundationDB SQL Layer So Strikingly Similar (

The Google F1 database paper just became generally available. It’s the database that runs AdWords, so I suspect Google kind of cares about it. Google F1 bears an amazing resemblance to our FoundationDB SQL layer. Both leverage an underlying scalable and transactional storage substrate to allow unprecedented scalability at both the storage and SQL processing levels. Both leverage hierarchical schemas, arranging tables into a hierarchy that is mirrored in storage by interleaving rows of parents with rows of children. Both systems make the tradeoff that higher latency is acceptable for gaining almost unlimited bandwidth and scale. A query may require more round-trips and take a (bounded) longer time, but the overall throughput of the system, measured in number of queries that can run in parallel, is much higher.

The fact that Google has built and is using F1 for their AdWords business demonstrates how the architectural approach works for even the most demanding of applications. However, F1 is only available to Google’s internal teams, while our open-source FoundationDB SQL Layer is intended to have a somewhat broader audience. Read more...

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