Monday, December 23, 2013

Startups should use a relational database (

One of the main goals of a startup is to find a market with a problem and to create a solution that solves that problem. This is a hard process. A lot of your time will be spent learning about your (potential) customers. Once you have discovered a market need, the next thing to do is create the simplest solution that solves that problem. This is when you must make some simple yet important decisions about your early development process. Where are you going to host, what languages will you use, etc. One of the more important decisions you will make is what database you will use.

In a startup, technical decisions must be made quickly. The right technology choices will not mean success, and conversely will not lead to failure. What these choices will lead to however, is speed at which you can validate your hypothesize. So select a hosting provider that allows you to not worry about infrastructure. Go with a programming language that you know, and suits your problem well. Use a database that will allow you to ask it questions about the data — questions that you don’t even know you will have. Read more...

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