Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hacktivist Richard Stallman takes on proprietary software, SaaS and open source (

Richard Stallman, revered by some as a genius (after all, he won a McArthur “genius” grant in 1990) and derided by others as a crackpot, was in New York Monday where he warned against the dangers of using proprietary software, SaaS and even open-source software. Yes, for this famed hacktivist and creator of the free software collaborative GNU, open-source is not nearly open enough and worse, masquerades as free software. Which, he says, it most definitively is not. During the lecture, held at NYU by HackNY—a nonprofit, organized by Columbia and NYU faculty, whose mission is to “federate the next generation of hackers” —Stallman advocated the benefits of truly free software.


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