Thursday, April 12, 2012

I was mentioned in .Net Rocks! Show. Awesome!!!

I was mentioned in .Net Rocks! The following is transcript form show #743:

Carl Franklin:
So, what I went out and did is I found a really good blog post on something that we haven’t really talked about. Google has this GeoCoding API so that you can convert an address like, whatever, a real physical address into geographic coordinates. Well, I went looking for some good examples of how to access that in C# and I found the Random Thoughts blog which is a guy named Darius in Lithuania, and he did this awesome article. It was from last year, about this time: GeoCoding with C# and Google GeoCoding API V3 which is still the current version. If you go to you’ll get to that article. And I thought it was good because it’s something you don’t see every day, and he’s using... He has another version that uses JSON to access it, and it’s just clean and easy and commented well. There’s a couple of comments that this is exactly what these people are looking for.

Richard Campbell: Awesome!

Thank you “.Net Rocks!” guys, thank you!