Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MonokaiNotBold theme for MonoDevelop


I have finished alternative version of Monokai theme for MonoDevelop. This time I removed bold style from all keywords. You can grab copy of MonokaiStyleNotBold.xml from my Monokai github repo. By the way original (bold) style is available from the same github repo. It is called MonokaiStyle.xml. Here is post about original version of Monokai for MonoDevelop.

P.S. How to install

  • in MonoDevelop open menu -> Tools -> Options
  • navigate to -> Text Editor -> Syntax Highlighing
  • press 'Add' button
  • nvigate to file 'MonokaiStyle.xml'
  • press 'Open'
  • select 'Monokai' theme and then press 'OK'
  • close and reopen all your file tabs
Have fun ;)