Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Github repo you should watch 2011-02-14 - Xwt

Xwt is a new .NET framework for creating desktop applications that run on multiple platforms from the same codebase. Xwt works by exposing one unified API across all environments that is mapped to a set of native controls on each platform. This means that Xwt tends to focus on providing controls that will work across all platforms. Which means that the functionality available is usually a common denominator across all platforms. The following code taken from github repo README:
using Xwt;

class XwtDemo 
    static void Main () 
        Application.Initialize (); 

        var mainWindow = new Window ()
            Title = "Xwt Demo Application", 
            Width = 500, 
            Height = 400 
        mainWindow.Show (); 
        Application.Run (); 
        mainWindow.Dispose (); 
Link to GitHub repo